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What are your fees?

Each event organiser sets their own pricing for each event.

We charge a small commission of 2.5% of the price of tickets sold within the site. We also charge attendees a £1/€1/$1 booking fee per ticket.

For example, if somebody books a place on your event for a fee of £10, our commission would be 25p. If they book a place for £100, our commission would be £2.50.

Within Meeting Truth, you have the option to add your commission on top of your ticket price, so for example a £10 place will sell for £10.25.

Where appropriate, we are obliged to charge VAT on the commission. So if you're required to pay VAT on purchases from the UK, our commission on that £10 ticket would be 30p instead of 25p.

The only other fees incurred will be your payment provider's PayPal for most people, or for those who have organised that with us.

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